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Effect use of databases allow you to capture leads, records sales, analyze your business, and market to your customers. They are the heart and brains of your Internet marketing efforts.

A database is a systematized collection of data that can be searched, accessed, and updated by specialized computer software. With broadband communications now available almost everywhere, consumers expect real time access to online databases over the Internet. To remain competitive, businesses should be sure they're using the latest database technologies in their web development.

Advanced Internet Systems specializes in database development using MySql and MS-SQL. We use these databases because they are very reliable, fast, relatively inexpensive, and scale well for large websites. The software we write to access these databases is usually written in PHP, VBScript, or Javascript. For updates on legacy systems, we can also write in Python, Java, Ruby On Rails, and C# as needed. The code we write is developed specifically for speed and high numbers of concurrent users. PHP and MySql both have the advantage of being open source (free) and running on all major web platforms. Because of this, PHP is the most used server programming language used on the Internet. In fact, some of the largest companies on the web use PHP to access their databases.

The Database Development Process

Most database development efforts begin by defining the key business and operational processes within the organization. Our database developers create high level models showing the major activity steps associated with sales, marketing, production, inventory, analytics, public relations, human resource management, research and development, etc. For each business process, we define the information needs of users involved in or affected by that process. A basic understanding of these needs is used to create a conceptual design for the database that shows relationships between information sources, users, and the business process. Once the conceptual design is complete, we then create the database, and small amounts of test data is entered into the database for testing purposes. At this point, we start developing sample screens and reports to test if the database design will meet the our requirements. Generally speaking, it's much easier to revise and change the database during this testing phase before all of the data have been entered. As we go through this prototyping stage, we try different report formats and input screens to determine their suitability and effectiveness.

If you're interested in using your site to sell products or services or capture leads, you'll need to have a database backend developed for your needs. Advanced Internet Systems can make that process easy and tailored to your business processes. For a free consultation about your database development needs, call us at (404) 512-4600.