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E-Commerce, also known as eCommerce, stands for electronic commerce, and is the process by which there is buying and selling of products and services, usually over the Internet. Typically, a seller will have a website that shows product listings. That site allows buyers to select from those products by placing their choices into an electronic shopping cart. At that point, the buyer is able to use their credit card as payment to the seller, and the products or services are delivered to the buyer. There are many technologies that may be used in the course of e-commerce transactions. Internet marketing, supply chain management, online tranaction processing, inventory management systems, search engine marketing, mobile phones, email, and social media marketing may all play a role in generating e-commerce transactions.

There are six main areas of focus for e-commerce sites.

  1. You must show your products or services with enough appeal to make them desirable in the marketplace. This is done with good images, complete ad copy describing the product or service, and competitive pricing.

  2. You must show that you are a trustworthy site. At the least, you need a secure server certificate to show that transactions are encrypted and safe. In addition, it's good to have third party verification of your veracity. This can be done with the Better Business Bureau or other industry group certifications. You can also use customer testimonials as a way to show that your business is trustworthy.

  3. You will need the ability to accept credit card payments. This can be done through various credit card gateways or even PayPal for smaller businesses.

  4. You will need shopping cart software that allows you to store products to build an order.

  5. You will need database processing and order fulfillment to handle delivery of the order.

  6. You will need knowledgable Internet marketing to deliver buyers to your e-commerce website.

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