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It's well known that most people prefer watching an interesting video over reading text on a computer screen. After all, most of us grew up watching TV. That said, even watching a video can be perceived as tedious in today's high speed world. Interactive videos make watching a video far more interesting. More over, they give the viewer complete control of watching what they want to watch, so you're not wasting their time. This can be extremely powerful in your marketing when done correctly and with proper planning.

Interactive video marketing is the process of building short branching marketing videos with clickable hotspots that allow the viewer to decide what they want to see. For example, after a short introduction video, the viewer might be given choices of: "Learn About Us", "View Product Demos", or "Visit Our Site". When the viewer selects "View Product Demos", another video with a list of products appears where the viewer can select the specific product demo they'd like to see. As they view the product demo video they've chosen, they can be given the options of going back to the product list or going to the company web page for that product where they can make their purchase.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Interactive Video Marketing

  1. By posting videos to YouTube, you're fifty times more likely to land on page one of Google's search results.

  2. YouTube is the fourth largest search engine, so having YouTube videos will get you noticed.

  3. In your email marketing, offering videos will increase your email click through rates by two to three times.

  4. Interactive video is the fastest growing form of online marketing communication.

  5. For B2B marketing, 59% of senior executives prefer watching interactive videos and will watch them for longer periods of time.

  6. 95% of people who watch interactive videos are more likely to purchase products or services they've viewed.

  7. Interactive videos allow you to market your products in a way that's both interesting and compelling to your customers.

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